psycho1psycho2psychohouse“There follows one of the most disgusting murders in all screen history. It takes place in a bathroom and involves a great deal of swabbing of the tiles and flushings of the lavatory. It might be described with fairness as plug ugly” original review, Observer, August 7, 1960


September 8, 1960 saw the release of the original “slasher” movie, Psycho. The movie, directed by the renowned Alfred Hitchcock, was made on a shoestring budget financed by he and his wife, for $800,000 and was released by Paramount pictures. The movie considered to be crude by many at the time, was the first movie to show a toilet flushing on camera. Hitchcock filmed the movie in black and white, to cut costs and to give it a cinematic “edge” and used his production crew from his television show filming at the time, again to save money and time. The shower scene in which Janet Leigh’s character of Marion is killed by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) is revered as one of the best murder scenes on film; never showing a single stab, just the sound of the knife ripping into flesh (a knife stabbing a melon), and blood (chocolate syrup) going down the shower drain. The music from this scene however elemental still fills listeners with fear to this day. The film grossed a staggering 40 million dollars.


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